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Posted by Daryl from Surrey, BC, Canada on February 08, 2015
start_quote Las Brisas Huatulco was such a pleasant surprise. The location, beaches, rooms, views, staff, were all fantastic. The biggest bonus was the 3 beaches! You can literally walk out on the beach and start snorkeling in clear water with tons of interesting sea life. Makes for a very fun day. Sure there is lots of walking and stairs, but the trams are there if you need them. Besides it's great exercise ...end_quote
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Posted by Coxy56 on January 25, 2015
start_quote We where there for 2 weeks Jan.7th till 21st. The food was good compared to other 3 stars. The staff were friendly. The beech is nice, can be rough alot. Management keeps saying that they are doing upgrades but not many have been done. My main concern and this depends which block you are in, is water shortages, sometimes for days with no water, hot water is a luxury, we had hot water 4 out of ...end_quote
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Posted by KW from Canada on January 05, 2015
start_quote We travelled to this resort last year and we were very pleased and impressed with it. The staff are awesome, the resort is very clean and the beach is amazing! The buffet restaurant had many options, typical Cuban, but nobody should ever leave hungry. The nightly entertainment was quite good, the shopping centre changed vendors every few days giving tourist plenty of shopping options. It is a dist...end_quote
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Posted by landellrob on December 15, 2014
start_quote This was my first time to travel in Spain and it was a great experience. I learned how to speak their language but only the basics. Our guides are very accommodating. They showed me a market with lots of wines, cheese and they had this food called "tapas" that tasted good. They also allowed us to see Great establishment within the city of Barcelona. I strongly recommend them for private tours as t...end_quote
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Posted by MichaelS on December 14, 2014
start_quote Me and my wife went to Barcelona to have our vacation and the people from City Bites Barcelona were the best! They helped us better understand the city with all the knowledge they gave and most especially eating TAPASSSSSSSSSSSS... LOL :) i never thought that it is as BEST as it was described to us. We love it and will definitely go back to La Boqueria Market Next year.

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