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Posted by MarkBenjamin on April 17, 2016
start_quote Kilimanjaro trips and Tanzania safari booking were simple with help of Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays Co.Ltd in Moshi. Tours logistic personel answered all queries about booking Tanzania safari holidays,wildlife tours and Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions. We choose Tanzania safari tour 7 days 6 nights and Machame route 6 days.

We were given several of travel packages with different bud...end_quote
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Posted by reviewer6695 on March 20, 2016
start_quote Jamilla & Maria working the snack bar were awesome") The parks are both unique in settings and rides. The kissimmee park had Old Town next door with car shows and shopping and 4 different race tracks for go cart fun. The Orlando park has 2 tracks lots more rides and coasters, as well as Gator Land exibit. Buy your day pass, or year pass and travel between both parks as often as you like. What a gr...end_quote
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Posted by reviewer5157 on July 19, 2015
start_quote The buffet ruined my trip. It was simply dirty to see hundreds of black flies landing all over the food. I am not a picky eater taste wise but it has to be clean. I mostly ate at the 24 hour fast food place because I couldn't stand the flies. end_quote
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Posted by trooper_the from Canada on June 04, 2015
start_quote Not much point writing a review, other than it is the only review for the year 2015. The highlight of the Riu Jalisco was the five restaurants. I made reservations for dinners at four of the restaurants. The restaurants were never full. Only once nobody cared about my reservation. The meals were perfect, with excellent service usually. Main dinner courses for me included delicious salmon, a huge s...end_quote
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Posted by reviewer1859 on April 18, 2015
start_quote Hotel was clean and the staff genuinely tried hard. Went as a single with the goal to sit and relax for a few days. The plan was foiled as the hotel is really LOUD, the music at the pool is expected but it felt like the megaphone shouting over the music never stopped. Room walls are paper thin so you hear everything going on in the adjacent rooms and hall. The beach was the quietest spot but still...end_quote
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