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Posted by reviewer1920 on April 23, 2014
start_quote Nice hotel (reportedly about to undergo renovations) in a not very accessible spot and not great beach. Food was very good, no problem with the drinks. Resort is large, not a problem for us. Staff more friendly than our last experience in DR.

Hotel is poorly located with respect to airports and excursions. Did the Paradise Island excursion - not recommended from this hotel - 3 hour...end_quote
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Posted by reviewer9635 on April 23, 2014
start_quote Stayed in the Spa Section.. costs a little more but well worth it as no families/children allowed. Very quiet with its own pool(s), swim up bar and outdoor restaurant. No problems getting a lounge chair. Beautiful beaches, white powdery sand, calm waters. Food was plentiful (chicken, lobster, crab, pork, including bacon at breakfast, fish, etc..steak not great) ...the pickiest eater should be able...end_quote
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Posted by reviewer3852 on April 23, 2014
start_quote Our third time at this resort, had a wonderful relaxing time. All 4 sites were operating at full capacity but we were still always able to find a pool chair, beach chair and a la carte reservations. It looks like the resort is doing some upgrading. The room in Golden section was as expected but starting to look worn. Again the housekeeping was hit and miss. Towels were delivered one night at 9:30p...end_quote
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Posted by reviewer6740 on April 23, 2014
start_quote Best resort ever. Service was excellent, rooms updated and clean. Beaches fabulous and pools nice and clean. Food and drinks top notch. We will be returning for sure. Staff friendly and service was always quick and prompt. We have travelled to probably over 15 other all inclusive resorts and this is our favourite.end_quote
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Posted by NsGirl25 on April 20, 2014
start_quote We'll I travelled with 11 people they all had comfy rooms but me and my other friend stayed on the first floor this was my first time in Cuba I imagined it the best our room stank like mold and then I started getting sick bad cough weezing finally asked for a room changed they told me everyday you can tomorrow I go they told me that till the last day of my trip there was also cockroaches in my roo...end_quote
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